Surprise Proposals

Kevin and Jenna proposal

They’re the one- you just know it...

You pick out the perfect ring, confide in your closest friends, and begin planning the big part- your proposal. You want it to be special, sentimental, and, most importantly, memorable. You’ll be sharing this story a lot over the next few months then revisiting it throughout your marriage. Preserve the feelings of surprise and passion by capturing the event on film.

Whether you know exactly how you’d like to pop the question or you’re in need of a little creative input, we are here to transform your proposal into an incredible story you can show and tell.  For the spouse-to-be who has a plan of action, we’ll inconspicuously capture you and your love as you share in celebrating the next stage of your relationship. For the future-fiance who isn’t quite sure where to begin, we’ll guide you through the entire process of planning a proposal that will knock your sweetheart off of their feet.

All of the excitement and eagerness leading up to your engagement will be intensified, knowing that you have a team of passionate photographers prepared to enhance your experience and deliver a collection of photos capturing the beginning of your great love story.


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