Curated Cinema

This signature selection features our most popular wedding film options paired with the personal touch of a seasoned professional. Nine hours of videography coverage are lovingly shot in an intentional, yet unobtrusive, manner to achieve an unadulterated depiction of your love story. After filming, our post production team transforms both ordinary and intimate moments into cinematic experiences that showcase your passion and joy. After editing, each carefully orchestrated selection of footage is color corrected, graded, mixed and mastered by Rhys to ensure the absolute best possible viewing experience on your phone, home theater, and anything in between. 

Your Curated Cinema undergoes the Hollywood treatment, from start to finish, to deliver a one minute wedding teaser (ideal for social sharing or briefly reliving the occasion), a 6 minute wedding film telling the story of your love, and two full-length, edited films each featuring the distinct occurrences from your wedding ceremony and reception toasts.


This package includes:

9 hours of coverage w/ 3+ cameras
Shot by Rhys (when available) or one of our experienced videographers
Finished and color treated by Rhys
1 minute teaser (delivered ~14 days after your wedding)
6 minute wedding film
Full length ceremony
Full length toasts and speeches
Delivered on our custom image printed USB


(Shown with optional Bluray/DVD add on)

from $2,950

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Included films: