About Us

We enjoy great stories, all you can eat sushi, and creating compelling, unique wedding films.

We’re a small team of creatives and wedding videographers, based in the Chicagoland area. We serve Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Milwaukee, St. Louis and a number of other popular wedding destinations around the country. Our team, comprised of passionate, experienced and unobtrusive filmmakers, takes pride being an integral part of creating your perfect wedding day and telling your unique love story. Weddings are our passion and we enjoy being able to assist with planning, coordinating and timeline creation throughout the months leading up to your big day. We’re with you every step of the way and always available to provide guidance and assistance.

As audio nerds, lighting geeks and color grading fanatics, it is very important to us to capture clear, quality sound of everything from your vows and letters to small details like your laughter while your friends and family deliver their speeches at your reception. We pay very close attention to the way light hits you and meticulously plan our lighting for your reception for that extra touch of style, and of course, to make sure everyone looks their best. This obsession with lighting plays heavily into our color treatment for your wedding film. This love for lighting and color runs so deep, in fact, that we color correct and color grade each shot of your wedding film, individually.

Each wedding professional in our creative process plays a crucial role in creating your wedding film. Our cinematographers each offer a unique perspective and approach to capturing your wedding while our talented editors and post production team keep the storytelling, color and auditory experience consistent, ensuring that no matter your vision, our team will bring it to fruition.