Aart & Monica's Wedding | Lantern Lighting | St. Charles, IL Wedding Videographer

Aart and Monica found me through their wedding planner, who happened to be friends with a couple whose wedding I shot over a year ago- that's where she got my phone number. When I met with Aart and Monica at All Chocolate Kitchen in Geneva (Monica's favorite place), they told me they wanted to light lanterns to end the night. Having never done this, I was a bit nervous, especially considering the only light I'd have to work with would be the candlelight from the actual lanterns.

Fast forward to their wedding, and the lantern lighting was my favorite part of their day. I was amazed at how much light those paper lanterns produce. They're almost like mini softboxes. The flicker of the flame adds drama and I caught a lot of child-like joy from the guests as they watched the lanterns disappear in the sky.

If you're planning an outdoor or backyard wedding, light some lanterns. It was beautiful.