One Lap of America 2015: Day 1 & 2

Day one was pretty uneventful from my side, but from what I hear, the guys from RS Motors did pretty good at the skid pad event in South Bend, Indiana. Churchill shot a wedding; I flew from Chicago to Minneapolis to meet up with him for day two.

After my flight being delayed for an hour and getting on the road behind schedule, we met up with RS Motors, who had been asleep for hours by the time we arrived, at a hotel in Omaha, Nebraska around 4:45am. I took a quick shower and called it a night. We slept for about 90 minutes before waking up to start day two.

After a luxurious hour and a half of sleep, we made the short 20-minute drive to Mid-America Motorplex, and RS did damn good, coming in 2nd place for the day, and moving from 21st to 6th in the event overall. Quite the improvement and quite impressive considering the RS Motors Mitsubishi Evo IX costs a fraction of what their competition’s cars cost.

We’re currently on the road to Colorado, with roughly 4 hours left before we arrive. Time to find something for dinner, check into the hotel, and keep it low key until tomorrow.

Off to a great start, if they keep up this progression, they have a chance at taking down the GTRs and Porsches that hold the positions above them.

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By the way, Churchill needs the world to know that he is super sexy.