The Pretty New Packaging

I spent a lot of time last year trying to find the perfect way to package weddings for my couples. In hindsight, I was trying to take pieces of all the things I’d seen and liked and put them together but, they just didn’t fit the minimalist and understated look I wanted. I ended up changing the way I packaged each wedding with every couple. If you got married between January and August, you're the only one that received your wedding packaged that way- cherish the unique-ness.

I tried brand printed USBs, Blurays and DVDs delivered in textured sleeves instead of the traditional case, I tried image printed USBs delivered in an art archive box- we all know I love negative space. None of them were doing it for me. I was excited about them when I put them together, but looking back on them later, I wanted something more.

Eventually I figured out the style I was going for and it was just a matter of finding a company that made it, or finding someone that could make them. I got really lucky and found a local store that sold handmade wooden boxes. I had them order 18 for me- that should be enough to get through the season. When I started my search, I assumed I’d have to customize the boxes a little bit but these were perfectly sized to fit 2 image printed USBs.

All that was left to do was stain them. I went out to the garage to see what stains I had. I found a box of 24 different colors along with a few large cans of stain. After comparing and testing a few colors, I decided to let lady luck pick the color. I tossed them all in a cardboard box, reached in and grabbed 2. Those are the colors. They ended up being really similar and I like that.

With all the boxes stained, I filled the inserts with some brown textured paper filler and test fit the USBs. I found they fit almost too snug, so I made a pull tab to make it easier to remove. They look great and I’m very happy with the final product. These boxes will probably see some more customization in the future, but for now...