Year in Review 2015

Now you guys know I have to shamelessly plug RLM social before I can get into it…


It’s hard to believe I made the full time jump 2 years ago. The time has flown by- I actually forgot that this was my second year until just now when I reread Year in Review 2014.

27 weddings (some of them I seconded, we’re not THAT big yet), 6 music videos, a handful of photo shoots, 2 promotional projects, SEMA, GTAxSLB, One Lap of America and even some dabbling in corporate work. It’s been a busy year. I should probably be editing right now, but I wanted to share some love first.

I thanked a lot of people last year and a good number of those people played a big part in this year, but this year, I think 3 “people” have earned honorable mentions: Churchill Souksavong of CH Films & Photo and Akalika Creative and Christopher Greene of Red Weddings and FlightAV. I also want to thank the RS Motors family. There’s way too many of you guys to name individually, but you all know who you are. I wouldn’t have accomplished so much without you guys. Thank you.

Now what do we have in store for 2016? I honestly have no idea. One Lap is pretty much guaranteed, weddings, of course, some music videos will definitely happen. I think it’s time to make some changes to grow as a company. We want to provide better quality and more value to our clients. How I decide to implement that I haven’t decided yet, but 2016 has to be way bigger. Tell your friends.

Check out this year’s projects (there’s a few unreleased that aren’t on here, but you'll see those later):

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Special thanks to CV3 Media, Frank Slow Films, Erin Dobosiewicz Photography, SoPrime Entertainment, White Tree Studios, Ann & Kam Photography & Cinema, Akalika Creative, CH Films & Photo, Red Weddings, Flight AV, RS Motors,, Entourage Mobile Entertainment, Hypervisions Photography and to anyone I may have forgotten, here’s a heart for you <3.

I’ll see you all in 2016. We need to do it even bigger!

Also a special thanks to all of my past, present and future clients for being so amazing.

Happy New Year everybody!