The SEMA/OUSCI Trip 2015: Days 1, 2 & 3

Day 1: I stayed up way too late the night before and was exhausted for my flight. I was going to sleep on the plane, but I flew sleeping wasn't really an option. Churchill picked me up from the airport, we stopped at the shop to say hi, then headed out to shoot Scott's Cobra (it's for sale, by the way). 

What a beautiful car. It was a great subject to shoot, and the storage facility we shot it at was just plain enough to create some great images. I got to try light painting for the first time (shhh, don't tell anyone. People keep asking me for tips on how to do it correctly. I guess I'm an expert now).  

After shooting, we went back to Churchill's place to hang out until 3am when we had planned to start the journey to Las Vegas, though we were completely oblivious to the time change that was happening that morning, so we decided not to sleep, since we thought we'd end up being more tired.

Day 2: We arrived at RS around 2:30am, loaded the car and headed out. We swapped drivers a few times, shot some video to be used later, recorded some of the conversations in the car. So far there's been a lot of good footage, and SEMA hasn't even started.

Day 3: We're here! We woke up around 3:30am after our short nap and finished the last 9 hours of the journey. The cars got a quick detailing and will be parked for the next 4 days until OUSCI begins. More to come later. Enjoy the pictures of all the Evos taking a bath together in Las Vegas. I'm not sure what tomorrow holds, but we'll be at SEMA, so I'm sure it'll be a good time.

I still need to go pick up my media pass so I can shoot things without the general public being in the way (no offense).