The SEMA/OUSCI Trip 2015: Day 4

It's a little after 6am right now and my first thought is "wow Andy sits really, REALLY close to the steering wheel in his car." I thought watching Churchill struggle in and out of Brandon's car was funny. I found it even funnier watching him straddle the steering hub like a crotch rocket while turning. Couple that with us bumping shoulders every time he shifted gears and it made moving the cars around quite the...erm...experience. 

Then I got in Andy's car, felt the steering wheel vibrating my chest hairs and had my own struggles trying to move his car to Optima Alley. Paul came to the rescue and saved me from the embarrassment of people thinking I can't drive. Luckily Paul sits a much more comfortable distance from the wheel so moving his car was just like regular driving. 

Seriously, Andy and Brandon, why so close?  But I guess if it was a problem they wouldn't be here, so I digress. 

Ronnie's up, Paul is sleep stalking the Facebook chat group, Tone is KO, Churchill is KO. I slept for about an hour and woke up wide awake with the energy of a younger Rhys after binging on Halloween candy. 

Ding ding ding ding ding. Oh snap! Did someone just hit the jackpot at the slots!? Nope. Just the Facebook alert hitting everybody's phones. Andddddd now everybody else is up.  

We don't have anything substantial to do until around noon, but I'm wide awake, so I'm letting those sleep deprived creative juices flow.  

I think Ron wants to get early breakfast, but I think his phone died so the world will never know. Sorry Ron.  

The plan for today, to the best of my knowledge is to go interview all the RS sponsors at SEMA for use in the documentary. That's a secret though, keep in on the hush- shhhhhhhhh.  

Tomorrow (Day 5), I need to shoot B-roll for the vendor interviews. After that I can wander the show for myself.  

Day 4 from the perspective of Rhys: