One Lap of America 2015: Day 4


I’m sitting at Toot ‘n Totum, some kind of truck stop gas station convenience store that also sells burritos in the drive thru, in the Texas panhandle, writing this Day 4 blog entry while Churchill smokes a cigarette and posts an update for the second giveaway on the RS Motors Facebook page (go like RS Motors on Facebook and watch the live streams to get a chance to win some cool stuff from the RS Motors sponsors). We just came through southern Colorado and crossed through northeast New Mexico. I’m so glad to be out of Colorado. It’s a beautiful state, but having your ears pop every 45 seconds because of the constant altitude and pressure changes gets old fast. New Mexico on the other hand has all the natural beauty of Colorado, but the land is nice and flat and the pressure is much more constant. However, Colorado has legal marijuana, so I suppose that makes up for its terribly inconsistent landscape.

Day four started off cold and rainy. So much so that the drag race for the morning was cancelled. Team RS seemed a little frustrated, but also a bit relieved, because let’s face it, our chances of beating Godzilla in a straight line are pretty slim. The rain actually played in our favor. We didn’t have to take on the GTR where it would perform the best, and we took a jump up the overall standings for the event!

Brandon drove the Evo 9 today- no laps, just a short modified sprint from one side of the track, to the other. He managed to come place within 3 seconds of the fastest time and current first place competitor, the white Alpha GTR. Brandon also managed to take 3rd place from the ‘Vette that’s been standing in the way of RS Motors and taking a place on the podium. But, who wants to take 3rd place when you can take 1st? Not RS Motors. Three days left of One Lap, and this is where I’d guess people start to crack. The 10-hour drive from Pueblo Colorado to northern Texas really allows the exhaustion to set it. I think RS can take the win.

Check back for the Day 5 update tomorrow night to stay up to date with RS Motor’s first time at the Brock Yates One Lap of America event.

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