One Lap of America 2015: Day 5

Our 10-hour drive from Pueblo, Colorado to Cresson, Texas ended up being closer to 11.5 hours, so we didn’t make it to the hotel until almost 4am last night. I woke up around 6am when I heard Brandon, Andy and Ronny getting ready to leave. They told us not worry about going with, which was good because Churchill hadn’t even budged. The team left for the first race, and Churchill and I slept another 3 hours. It’s funny that 5 hours of sleep is considered a full night sleep now.

We got to the track a shortly after the first race was over. The track seemed to be a very technical, as almost everybody was sliding, missing turns or going off course- Andy was no exception. The Evo played the role of lawnmower for a brief moment, before getting back on track and finishing within 3 seconds of the white, Alpha GTR. RS spent the week climbing the overall rankings and had a short position in 2nd place. At the end of the first three races (road courses), RS Motors had fallen to 4th place.

The team packed up and drove about an hour to the drag race event. Brock decided now was a good time to make up for the drag races that were cancelled on day 4 due to rain. Ronny drove for the drag events and beat the GTR in the low ET 1/8 mile race. Ronny ran a 7.155, while the white Alpha GTR ran 7.3 and some change. After the low ET event, the bracketed event started. I’m not going to pretend I understand how the event works, because I definitely do not. It has something to do with beating your opponent across the line but not beating your projected time- don’t ask me to explain it… I can’t and I won’t. Anyway, Ronny beat the Alpha GTR, yet again and moved the team from 4th place overall to back up to 3rd place, tying with one of the GTRs.

Near the end, Ronny was eliminated for launching on red… Supposedly. I have pictures of his launch and he seems to have launched on green. We may contest this for the exta 5 points, but for now, we are happy to have moved back up the overall rankings.

For those wondering, we’ve been in 1st for the mid sized sedan class for the entire event. We want 1st overall, too.  Three days left to take down the GTR. Can RS Motors take 1st place their first time at One Lap?

Check back again later for the Day 6 update and more pictures.

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