One Lap of America 2015: Day 6

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit is by far my favorite track we’ve been to this week. It was close to the hotel, thankfully, it has great spots to watch and shoot the race from, the area for the teams is shaded and they have wifi that is actually fast enough to get work done. The Day 5 blog wouldn’t be up yet if we weren’t racing at Hallett this morning- or we would’ve had to make another pit stop at Starbucks so I could upload all the pictures that go with the updates.

Again, Churchill and I came to the race late. This may or may not become the norm for the rest of the week since it doesn’t really make sense for us to be here while the team is waiting to start their day. We arrived around 8:30am, just as the first race was starting. The recon lap had actually started as we pulled up to the entrance, so we waited for the race to end before crossing the track. The entrance has a great view of the back half of the track and made for some decent pictures. There was a loud bang at the end of the first race, followed by radio chatter and the Alpha GT-R pulling into the pit lane, shutting off and then struggling to start up again. Churchill predicted fuel starvation, a common problem on Nissan and Infiniti sports cars (GTR, 370Z, G37, etc.) Luckily for the GT-R, it did eventually start up and seems to be running, but this may have been the close call that gets the GT-R to play it safer, giving RS a chance to take the lead in the overall ranks.

At the end of the first race, RS is in 4th place in the overall rankings; they came in 5th for the first race. With the end of the 2nd race, RS Motors remains in 4th overall, being lead by a 2010 Nissan GT-R, a 2013 Nissan GT-R and a kit car. In 5th place, following the RS Motors Mitsubishi Evo IX, is the 2014 Ariel Atom OLOA Special.

The week is almost over. Time to gas up and make the 10 hours drive to Kentucky for the last event before the wet skid pad in South Bend.