One Lap of America 2015: Day 7

The second 10 hour drive of the week was a lot easier than the first, likely because the weather was nice and the route was a bit more exciting. We pulled over on the highway about halfway to Bowling Green, Kentucky and got passed by the 3 BMW guys (sorry, I don’t know your names). Trying to keep up with them all the way to the hotel made the drive a lot more exciting. Of course, an M3 handles a lot better than our Duramax and we ended up falling behind on the second stretch of highway- but not until after we all stopped and had dinner at Subway. We got to the hotel around 11:45pm, prepped for the next day and went to bed.

Fun fact: Brandon had 311 as his profile song back when MySpace was still relevant.
Fun fact #2: When I heard 311, I thought 112 (remember Peaches N’ Cream?).

I don’t remember hearing anybody’s alarm going off this morning, but we were all awakened to a bright light from the window followed by the phrase “wake up bitches!” coming from Churchill at 6AM. I could have killed him right where he stood… but I resisted the urge and sluggishly got ready to go.

Brock [quietly] announced in the hotel lobby that the blue 2013 GTR that previously held 3rd place had gone home due to an unfixable oil leak, which moved RS Motors from 4th, back into 3rd place, so we were starting off right where we left off 2 days before. That’s not the way the team wanted to place, but in the words of Dom Toretto, “winning’s winning.” (One of the Corvettes flooded, too)

We arrived at NCM Motorsports around 7:30am; ready to go for the 8:00am start time. The one time we get to the track early, however, the races were delayed by almost an hour. The first two laps went well, but Andy slowed to a 5 second slower time on his 3rd lap, reporting that he car was cutting fuel, but still managed to keep his overall time for the race within 5 seconds of the Alpha GTR, currently holding 1st place. The second race went about the same, minus the fuel cutting and slower 3rd lap time. In the event overall, RS Motors placed 6th, but managed to hold on to their 3rd place standing overall, and of course their 1st place standing in the mid-sized sedan class.

Our last race is in South Bend, Indiana tomorrow morning. This is RS Motor’s last chance to move their rank up. Hopefully the Evo IX can outperform the GTRs on the dry skid pad tomorrow.