One Lap of America 2015: Day 8

One Lap is over, and I'm sitting at home wide awake, still exhausted but unable to sleep any longer. I guess a week of 3-4 hours of sleep being a full night of rest, has really taken a toll on my already sporadic sleep schedule.

The event ended well. The dry skid pad turned out to be a damp skid pad, thanks to all the rain from the night before. The final event was scheduled in reverse order (current last place to current first place), so the cars that went before RS Motors really helped dry out the track. With the blue 2013 GT-R having gone home due to what must have been a very large oil leak, RS was holding 3rd place, behind the other two GT-Rs. 

RS Motors took their laps, and took first place in the event over the lower placed cars that went earlier. Unfortunately, that first place standing in the event was short lived and came to an end when the red GT-R was up- this pushed RS into 2nd for the event. Then the white Alpha GT-R was up and pushed RS into 3rd for the event.

The guys, Ronnie Soliman, Andy Smedegard and Brandon Ranvek still managed to hold on to 3rd place overall and went home with three awards for RS Motors:

  • Rookie(s) of the Year
  • First in Class - Mid-Priced Sedan
  • Third Place Overall

A lot of big things are happening as a result of RS Motors' performance at One Lap 2015. I'm excited to see what they have in store for us the rest of the year.

Tire Rack opened up the skid pad to drifting and burnouts at the end of the event. As a bonus for the last day of One Lap, here are those pictures: